Every client may have a question. We answer them here. Good to know stuff when it comes to Pure Pause Berlin. For the questions we receive we post an answer.

Additional Services

What do you have in mind?

We know interesting places in and around Berlin, special restaurants, memorable walks and much more.

We also offer self-guided tours of the city, in various neighborhoods and on specific change & innovation topics. You will discover places, people and topics that get you in touch with the chosen focus topic. Possible topics are currently digital life, agility, community-building, customer rapport and other approaches. We cover many new work topics or you may propose one.

Let us know if this is an option for you.

With our so-called innovation lab we offer three different options you can add to our rental. Varying between 1-4 hours we address innovative approaches or topics such as ‘getting relaxed on change’ and ‘basic laws of innovation’. Always easy to digest, relevant and interactive.

If desired our partner Impact Circles can design custom options fit for your needs.

We are experts in designing and conducting workshops with our sister company Impact Circles and are happy to serve.

In addition to our own skill set we also have access to great peer colleagues whom we are happy to connect you with based on your focus.

We have years of consulting and workshop design experience and are happy to help. We can serve as facilitators or enable you to conduct your own workshop as well as recommend an expert from our peer network. Let’s have a look at what you have in mind and evaluate your best options.


Just send us an e-mail (service@purepause.com) with the following information or call us (+49 3060260470) or use our booking form ‘rental inquiry’ on this website:

– Date of the planned event – number of participants- catering wishes – technical and material needs

– Date of the scheduled event

– Time for execution of the event (possibly different times for multi-day events)

– Number of participants (if applicable different times for multi-day events)

– Catering wishes (intolerances or preferences, if already known at this time)

– Further requests or requirements

– Technical and material requirements

Based on your information, we will be happy to make you an offer.

We have varying prices depending on the number of participants, catering etc. All pricing is listed under ‘rental inquiry’ on this website.

For non-profit organizations we allow for a 20% discount on the net rental fee.

We value the work of non-profits and academic organizations and allow 20% discount of the net rental space fee.


From cold refreshments and hot drinks to snacks, lunch & dinner, as well as cocktails, finger food and mixed drinks – Pure Pause offers local and regional catering for your event.

All products come from Berlin manufacturers and start-ups – we celebrate what our city has to offer! Well-known treats and new interpretations of international cuisine to try out, to enjoy and optimally making for good conversation!

We have put together different catering options or can come up with new combinations as desired. If you like your host will be happy to share the stories of the creators behind the products – another way to fully immerse in the experience during your event.

After your booking request, we will send you an offer which contains three standard catering options.

You may select one or we can discuss what is possible alternatively.

As always with our catering, all products – drinks & food – are created by Berlin manufacturers and culinary artists.

You can also order alcoholic beverages here. Local craft beers, wine spritzers, prosecco… from gin & vodka to after dinner drinks & schnaps – we will find the right fit for your event. And all exclusively made in Berlin!

You may also book Pure Pause without catering.

There is a service fee associated with the use of the kitchen, dishes etc.

Let us know if this is an option for you.

Equipment, Media & Materials

Visualization Materials

We don’t have the typical moderation case but we do have an entire creative wall offering much more for all your visualization needs. Of course, there are also the classics such as pens, post-its and moderation cards. In addition, we have collected a mirade of sparks such as figurines for setting up three-dimensional scenarios: it’s perfect for actual to target descriptions, have clarifying dialogue around it as well as test variations in the process.

Flipcharts & Co.

The classic flipchart has no place at Pure Place for obvious reasons: we provide a space different from the usual. Alternatively, we offer approx. 25 sqm of wall space that can be written on or decorated with adhesive for visualizations. Nine mobile and double-sided writeable partition walls, table flipcharts and self-adhesive or statically charged writable paper, suitable for any smooth surface. Of course, we also have largepaper on site (flipchart size and larger brown paper). This can be attached just like pre-fabricated flipchart paper on our visualization boards.


Pure Pause has an ultra-short-distance beamer which stand only 40 cm from the wall. image with two meters in diagonal. The advantage for you is that you are no longer blinded by projections and noone obstructs the presentation any more by standing in front. We project onto specially painted walls on which you can also write onto the projection at the same time. So that your presentations become even more interactive.


Directly on site for European paper size A4 and A3, there is a printer for black/white as well as color; plus we have a professional print shop right next door.

Even more Tech

25 iPads (iPad mini 2 model ME840FD/A)
Basic rental fees: € 20/day, incl. basic features, Wi-Fi, charger & cable. For outside use with a provided sim card €10 extra, totalling €30/day. You may also ask for personalization (i.e. screensaver, desired content upload in image, audio, video, special apps, etc.). Extra charge based on hourly preparation effort. Only for rent and use in Berlin, in connection with a rental booking.

Drone and/or MacBook Air on request.

Meeting Room

Workshop Location

Pure Pause has 4 large tables (up to 6 people), 2 small tables (up to 4 people) which can be removed from the wall. You may also use them as a writing surface or decorate them with adhesive if necessary.

There are also several standing table options:
– two for up to 6 people
– five for up to 4 people

Of course, everything is movable and can be arranged as desired (plenary, U-shape, long table, subgroups, etc.).

You will find a deliberately chosen mix of seating options at your disposal. From retro armchairs (10) to regular seating chairs (10) and stools (27) to benches (7) and 2 amphitheater benches, for 6-9 people each.

Of course, everything is movable and can be arranged as desired (circle, plenary, U-shape, long table, subgroups, etc.).

In the immediate surrounding of Pure Pause are several parks. Walking distance varies from 3 to 30 minutes.

Ideal for short changes in scenery and perspective. Umbrellas, blankets and outdoor bags are available for taking drinks and snacks along.

Bikes can also be rented upon request.


When renting Pure Pause you don’t get a traditional location but a space for defining and realizing more opportunities. Space, equipment, catering and hospitality create an unique mix which assists you in building bridges into doing and to develop new ideas.

The concept of Pure Pause is support people to set themselves into motion. To clarify to together what is important to make the next steps. You will find everything needed for innovative working. Groups decide first what should become possible here and set up the space and its furnishings accordingly. All get moving and help set things up. That puts everyone into action … and the transfer to the actual subject matter is facilitated in a big way.

Together with the host which is there for you throughout the entire duration of your event the Pure Pause approach creates proximity among people, heightens the quality level of interaction and injects a healthy dose of liveliness. Sustainable impact of workshops is our communal support.

For any kind of event focused on developing ideas, plans and projects with tangible progress in mind. Simply for everything that has to do with change and innovation. Our clients may develop a new strategy here, remodel a process and reflect on how they will operate their business differently in the future. At Pure Pause, teams work to get clarity on what and how exactly something will go differently in the future.

Groups are undertaking leaps into the future and together they investigate what is necessary to pave the way forward. Intensive exchange around topics at hand and the visualization of possible variants with the existing materials facilitates deep contemplation on site.

At Pure Pause, the type of communication, in word and image, is created simultaneously which leads and accompanies folks along new paths. During the workshop and beyond – in everyday work thereafter. Supported by the inviting, exciting ambiance and tasty Berlin treats in between.

Pure Pause is also ideal for interactive workshops and well-known formats such as Design Thinking, Google Design Sprints or Lego Serious Play. Or for special corporate events with innovative impact requirements, such as product presentations, pop-ups and evening events.

While traditional seating arrangements or the like can be easily implemented this does not fully exploit the potential of the room. We are happy to show you what is possible here and support you throughout the preparations and implementations of what best benefits your cause.

Pure Pause is about taking a break from the way you normally work. It is therefore about an active break from the everyday work routines with a lot of proximity to peers, quality of interaction and a healthy dose of liveliness.

A break is always an opportunity to rethink our actions, to develop new ideas and to allow us to mature – to immerse ourselves in what we generally call different. A break to initiate new things, to see the old with new eyes. Actively creating proximity where there is too much distance, raising the quality level of our interactions and injecting a good portion of liveliness.

The holistic concept of Pure Pause.

Pure Pause was created in 2014 – as a result of the experience findings of our sister company Impact Circles.

Impact Circles is a consulting company for innovative corporate cultures that specializes in interactive group formats dealing with future topics in a relevant fashion.

An enabling setting for change and innovation projects is not only indispensable but also crucial for the speed and effectiveness of such activities. Typical spaces in corporate office and meeting environments, hotels and other offsite locations did not meet this prerequisite.

Pure Pause offers 150 sqm of space divided into two rooms through two large wing doors. The large room has about 100 sqm. In the rear part, there is a wardrobe, luggage space and 2 toilets.

The smaller room offers additional space for active use on approx. 50 sqm and serves as a possible catering area.

You always rent Pure Pause as a single user and never share our space with anyone else.

Yes, during the entire time of the booked event, one of our team members is on site: as support for spontaneously emerging questions about anything techie, how to best handle our modular furniture and use creative materials. We are your host, handle the catering service and also act as the go-to person for any other wish, concern or question you may have.

Through the cooperation with our sister company Impact Circles, all team members are also fit in various methods for change & innovation. Maybe you want to exchange ideas in advance to make the most of the possibilities at Pure Pause…

This way you can concentrate with utmost ease on your event.

We are looking forward to meeting you! Please write or call to find a suitable day and time. Pure Pause doesn’t have regular operating hours.

We recommend previewing our location prior to a booking. Based on the many possibilities to explore at Pure Pause it’s our experience that a prior visit adds value to the pending event.

For your workshop design it may be interesting to see all the working materials we have available. We are equipped way beyond the usual and we are happy to show you how things can be used to support your mission.

Yes, we carefully selected this location based on its different and symbolic characteristics. We placed an unusually designed and high quality equipped space in the middle of a mixed urban Berlin neighborhood.

Pure Pause is located on the street level of a historic building that used to serve the union of German book printers – created from 1924-26 by Max Tauth. The contributions of this architect comprise the development of framing which allowed for a room to be free of pillars – it symbolized the beginning of a new openness in interior design.

Directly at the border of two neighborhoods – Kreuzberg on the one side of the street and across already Tempelhof. Close to the same name airport which fed the population in the American sector after the second world war by ways of the legendary ir bridge. Its building remains one of the largest connected structures in Europe today. The runway and grass areas are used for leisure activities, nature relaxation and a meeting point for people and cultures. A consequence of the people’s choice in order to celebrate quality of urban life.

Typical and repetitive situations of everyday work life such as introduction rounds, idea generation & selection, building bridges into doing and good story-telling all need fresh approaches and effective methodology in order to excite and engage people. How do you go about renewing things in an invigorating and activating fashion?

Plan an incentive event to show employee appreciation at Pure Pause. We show new approaches and playful ways to created motion and movement around projects of change and innovation. This benefits the working culture and the aptitude for innovation of any business.

Talk to us about what you have in mind or simply mention this additional service in your rental inquiry.

Materials and supplies that you need for the event can be sent to our address ahead of time. Please give us a heads up so that we make look out for the arrival.

In the immediate surrounding of Pure Pause are several parks. Walking distance varies from 3 to 30 minutes.

Ideal for short changes in scenery and perspective. Umbrellas, blankets and outdoor bags are available for taking drinks and snacks along.

Bikes can also be rented upon request.

For workshops, seminars and meeting group sizes up to 30 individuals are ideal.

For events and popups for occasions such as company, product or service presentations you can also plan with 45-70 individuals at the same time.

Getting here

There are several places to stay nearby. All are within walking distance or by public transport.

One stop by metro or 10 minutes on foot.











(U6, stop: Kochstrasse, 5 minutes transfer)


(U6, stop: city center, 6 minutes transfer)

(here, unfortunately, there is no direct connection with public, with taxi about 10 minutes transfer):






Centrally located at Dudenstraße 10 in 10965 Berlin Kreuzberg, Pure Pause is easily reached by all modes of transportation:


The subway stop ‘Platz der Luftbrücke’ (U6) is at only 80 meters distance from Pure Pause.


Arriving via autobahn ‘A100’ take the exit ‘Tempelhofer Damm’ and follow the street about 2 kilometers into town. There is public parking 200 meters away in front of the former airport entrance ‘Tempelhof’. For electro vehicles there are two public charging stations available directly in front of our doorstep.


Bus stop ‘Platz der Luftbrücke‘ of bus lines 104 and 248 are also just 150 meters away.


Should you arrive on bike you may put it in the interior courtyard of our building and lock it there.

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