Are there flipcharts, projectors and visualization materials available at Pure Pause?

Visualization Materials

We don’t have the typical moderation case but we do have an entire creative wall offering much more for all your visualization needs. Of course, there are also the classics such as pens, post-its and moderation cards. In addition, we have collected a mirade of sparks such as figurines for setting up three-dimensional scenarios: it’s perfect for actual to target descriptions, have clarifying dialogue around it as well as test variations in the process.

Flipcharts & Co.

The classic flipchart has no place at Pure Place for obvious reasons: we provide a space different from the usual. Alternatively, we offer approx. 25 sqm of wall space that can be written on or decorated with adhesive for visualizations. Nine mobile and double-sided writeable partition walls, table flipcharts and self-adhesive or statically charged writable paper, suitable for any smooth surface. Of course, we also have largepaper on site (flipchart size and larger brown paper). This can be attached just like pre-fabricated flipchart paper on our visualization boards.


Pure Pause has an ultra-short-distance beamer which stand only 40 cm from the wall. image with two meters in diagonal. The advantage for you is that you are no longer blinded by projections and noone obstructs the presentation any more by standing in front. We project onto specially painted walls on which you can also write onto the projection at the same time. So that your presentations become even more interactive.


Directly on site for European paper size A4 and A3, there is a printer for black/white as well as color; plus we have a professional print shop right next door.

Even more Tech

25 iPads (iPad mini 2 model ME840FD/A)
Basic rental fees: € 20/day, incl. basic features, Wi-Fi, charger & cable. For outside use with a provided sim card €10 extra, totalling €30/day. You may also ask for personalization (i.e. screensaver, desired content upload in image, audio, video, special apps, etc.). Extra charge based on hourly preparation effort. Only for rent and use in Berlin, in connection with a rental booking.

Drone and/or MacBook Air on request.

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