For which kind of events is the workshop space suited?

For any kind of event focused on developing ideas, plans and projects with tangible progress in mind. Simply for everything that has to do with change and innovation. Our clients may develop a new strategy here, remodel a process and reflect on how they will operate their business differently in the future. At Pure Pause, teams work to get clarity on what and how exactly something will go differently in the future.

Groups are undertaking leaps into the future and together they investigate what is necessary to pave the way forward. Intensive exchange around topics at hand and the visualization of possible variants with the existing materials facilitates deep contemplation on site.

At Pure Pause, the type of communication, in word and image, is created simultaneously which leads and accompanies folks along new paths. During the workshop and beyond – in everyday work thereafter. Supported by the inviting, exciting ambiance and tasty Berlin treats in between.

Pure Pause is also ideal for interactive workshops and well-known formats such as Design Thinking, Google Design Sprints or Lego Serious Play. Or for special corporate events with innovative impact requirements, such as product presentations, pop-ups and evening events.

While traditional seating arrangements or the like can be easily implemented this does not fully exploit the potential of the room. We are happy to show you what is possible here and support you throughout the preparations and implementations of what best benefits your cause.

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