Has the location of the Pure Pause a deeper context?

Yes, we carefully selected this location based on its different and symbolic characteristics. We placed an unusually designed and high quality equipped space in the middle of a mixed urban Berlin neighborhood.

Pure Pause is located on the street level of a historic building that used to serve the union of German book printers – created from 1924-26 by Max Tauth. The contributions of this architect comprise the development of framing which allowed for a room to be free of pillars – it symbolized the beginning of a new openness in interior design.

Directly at the border of two neighborhoods – Kreuzberg on the one side of the street and across already Tempelhof. Close to the same name airport which fed the population in the American sector after the second world war by ways of the legendary ir bridge. Its building remains one of the largest connected structures in Europe today. The runway and grass areas are used for leisure activities, nature relaxation and a meeting point for people and cultures. A consequence of the people’s choice in order to celebrate quality of urban life.

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