What distinguishes Pure Pause as a workshop location from a classic meeting or seminar space?

When renting Pure Pause you don’t get a traditional location but a space for defining and realizing more opportunities. Space, equipment, catering and hospitality create an unique mix which assists you in building bridges into doing and to develop new ideas.

The concept of Pure Pause is support people to set themselves into motion. To clarify to together what is important to make the next steps. You will find everything needed for innovative working. Groups decide first what should become possible here and set up the space and its furnishings accordingly. All get moving and help set things up. That puts everyone into action … and the transfer to the actual subject matter is facilitated in a big way.

Together with the host which is there for you throughout the entire duration of your event the Pure Pause approach creates proximity among people, heightens the quality level of interaction and injects a healthy dose of liveliness. Sustainable impact of workshops is our communal support.